Productions. He works together with James Rolfe composing, filming and editing in a vast array of internet movies like James & Mike Mondays.
Mike Matei
 He's played with many guest characters on the series. 

 Because he plays a character who's a cheating bastard about the Cinemassacre series"Board James", and can be credited as such in this series. 
Mike Matei
Matei established the Cinemassacre's Youtube station in 2006. He Called it"JamesNintendoNerd", because at the point they had been undecided about the display's official name (that was prior to the title"Angry Video Game Nerd" existed).

Matei occasionally does his very own game reviews on the principal Cinemassacre YouTube station . His match reviews include such names as Looney Tunes, Sheep Raider, Black Souls, Best Ten SNES Stone and lots of more.

Matei is a significant contributor in helping with all the video editing to get Cinemassacre's Monster Madness.

  That went viral on the internet.

In interviews, Matei has said that he initially was going to Include this as a portion of the deserted video"AVGN Game Glitches two".

Instead, Matei began his very own spin-off series called"Mike's Game Glitches", in which he showed the audience how to do glitches and techniques in video games.  Presently Matei spends all the time editing James & Mike Mondays along with other Cinemassacre videos. 

Mike Matei's first character for Angry Video Game Nerd: The Film  Didn't entail production on the movie itself. Rather, Matei stayed on the East shore to keep the Cinemassacre site and YouTube station. He produced a range of articles like Motherfuckin' Mondays, Top 10's and other sport reviews.

 About the AVGN feature movie. The filming didn't start until April 2012.

Since Matei started posting his own content, their YouTube station  Has gained over 500,000 added subscribers. And Matei has made a massive fanbase of their own doing reviews of games that are obscure. On March 20th, 2013 that the Cinemassacre YouTube station attained the 1 million subscriber mark, coinciding with the launch of Matei's Pandemonium! Inspection for PS1.

Matei has been assisting Rolfe edit and write AVGN episodes since 2006, and They've Been working on movies together because they met in Faculty. At a Reddit interview it had been declared Matei will probably  Not appear from the AVGN feature movie because Matei doesn't believe  Himself a celebrity. He intends to adhere to internet content only. However on  Of this AVGN Film trailer in the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, to that Rolfe responded:"It is funny, we never talked About it but I believe, for example, he is going to wind up in the film  Unintentionally somehow,'cause that is how it always happens."

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